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Connecting you with the Western region of Mongolia.


Meet Sabit,  the man behind Jolaush Travel,

Who will be your personal guide as you explore the rich culture and breathtaking landscapes throughout Western Mongolia. Discover the history of the company as well as the local mission behind it....


What experiences can you have in Western Mongolia?  Find out what adventures await you here.... on your terms..... on your schedule...... and on your budget...... Learn more about both the Mongolian traditions, as well as the unique Kazakh games and destinations that can be personalized for your travel.....


When it comes to travel, money matters. This travel company was founded on the principle to provide affordable alternatives to other travel options in the region. While our packages are designed to be personal and flexible, here is a pricing guide to get you started....


"Sabit is a fantastic tour guide, has a great sense of humor and knows Mongolia like the back of his hand. He's fluent in multiple languages and has an unparallelled understanding of what westerners want. Sabit takes great pride in customer service and is an honest and genuine individual. Do not travel in western Mongolia without Sabit!"

- Cameron Asam, Michigan 

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