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We have been servicing tourism in the western regions of Mongolia since 2007. Over the past five years, we have focused on providing competitive service and organized travel while maintaining affordable prices that consistently beat other companies in the region. Our smaller size, along with family connections within local communities, allows you to create your own experience, putting you in the driver seat of your personal Altai Adventure.     

Sabit Nurgaiv 


Company Founder and Personal Tour Guide

Samantha Jones
Project Manager

Nurgul and Gulmira

Sabit's wife and daughter 

   Sabit is currently an English and Russian teacher in Bayan-Olgii, Mongolia, working at school #5 (the largest school in western Mongolia), but fluent in 5 languages (Kazakh, Turkish, Mongolian, English, and Russian). Teaching has allowed Sabit to develop his English skills and tourism capabilities as he has worked with the United States Peace Corps for the last four years. While personally hosting two different volunteers, Sabit has worked to perfect his English speaking abilities while also evolving his tour business. These opportunities have given him greater access to resources that are unavailable to other tourist companies in the region. Also, having hosted US Peace Corps volunteers, Sabit has had the opportunity to meet and travel with countless tourists over the last half decade. He has gained personal insight to the preferences of western cultured travelers and the level of service that is expected. Furthermore, having lived with Americans and foreigners traveling for an extended period of time, Sabit has learned and developed a company that provides superior service, while maintaining affordable prices. This is directly related to the relationships he has built with friends - not simply tourists - that is alien to other companies in the region (who significantly raise prices for non-residents). 

Sabit puts his family first, one which you can stay with to lower your housing costs while traveling. His wife of 5 years, Nurgul, is also an English teacher in the city with superior language abilities. Their 3 year old daughter, Gulmira, is also now learning English, and will win your heart over in your first encounter. These family values are incorporated into his company philosophy, often integrating the two (spending your travel time with them in Olgii - as well as with them in the countryside). This not only allows your experience to be more comfortable and enjoyable, but also authentic.

With his experiences, Sabit and Jolaush Travel is not simply a company that is designed to make a profit off of tourists, but rather, a family endeavor that seeks the promotion of cultural exchange and understanding.



Professional ChefPN

   With over 15 years of experience, Nurbek truly is a professional chef. Not only does he have extensive expertise in traditional Kazakh and Mongolian dishes, but he also has years of cooking American, French, Korean, and Chinese cuisine. He will create a menu for you, based on your personal tastes and preferences, while allowing you to explore the local flavors, but also enjoying the comforts of home. Beyond cooking, Nurbek is also a valued travel guide. His knowledge of Mongolian stone men, artifacts, and history are extensive and thorough. Nurbek has also taken several courses in English and culinary classes in the capital, Ulaanbaatar.

Kim Bailey
VP Marketing

Nurbek Zeinelkhan

Ulaanbaatar Representative


   Sabit and Nurbek have been friends since they were kids in kindergarten. Now living in Ulaanbaatar, Nurbek is an aeronautical engineer specializing in motors for MIAT. He is also fluent in five languages, including English and Russian. Nurbek will help you while in the capital; such as picking you up and driving you to the airport, showing you around the city to the best restaurants and attractions, sightseeing, shopping at Mongolia’s best markets, helping with hotel reservations, any translation needs, and personally connecting you with his family and their eagle hunters.


Horse Guide

   He has been working with tourists for over 22 years as a local horse guide. Furthermore, he is a famous eagle hunter that routinely places in the top 3 at the yearly eagle festival. While most Mongolian horses are too wild for foreigners to ride, Dalaikhan has nearly 10 well trained horses that are suitable for trips in the countryside. He will create an itinerary for your trip, lasting anywhere from a few days to over a week, while riding through the most scenic areas in the countryside or national park. He currently lives in Altai soum with his eagle and family, located about 4 hours from Olgii city.  

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