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Testimonials​... from past adventures 

"Our trip to western Mongolia would not have been the same with out Sabit's help and guidance! He helped us enjoy the annual Naddam sporting festival in Olgii complete with wrestling, horse racing, archery, fermented mare's milk, and Kazakh sausage and kebabs. He provided cultural and historical insight into our travels and his humorous anecdotes and stories made for an ever-entertaining experience! Sabit was always professional and his vehicle is world's ahead of the standard Mongolian transport in functionality and cleanliness." 

- Conrad Addison, Montana

"Sabit demonstrated expertise navigating our journey to Tavan Bogd glacier and a rich knowledge of western Mongolia, which he shared with us during our trip to Bayan Olgii in June of 2011. His ability to communicate fluently in English and friendliness made the trip even more enjoyable. He is reliable, skilled and personable -- I would recommend that anyone interested in exploring western Mongolia do so with Sabit!"

- Mandy Moran, Michigan 

"Pam & I had a terrific time with Sabit both in Olgii itself where, with his guidance, we had a wonderful experience of the local Nadaam Festival, & on tour in the Khoton Nuur (lakes district in the far North West). His vehicle, while basic, was perfect for the conditions, & his knowledge of the area & its history was most helpful for us. Sabit is a very kind & gentle man who takes his responsibilities as a guide seriously. Sabit certainly went beyond his strict "job description" helping us out with accommodation, with access to money in town, & with advice with shopping. The time we spent with his family out in the country was one of the highlights of our time in Mongolia. We would have no hesitation in recommending him as a guide in this region that he has grown up in & knows so well."

- Jim and Pam Cowan, Australia 

"Hunter and I both had an amazing time traveling from Olgii to Tavan Bogd with Sabit as our guide. He not only drove us to our destination and back but was happy to show us interesting spots along the way, including some especially beautiful areas in the countryside. Sabit is very friendly, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and quite skilled at maneuvering the back roads of rugged western Mongolia. We highly recommend him for any travels to western Mongolia, Tavan Bogd, and Bayan-Olgii!"

Hunter Causey and Caitlin Bruggeman, Colorado

"I took a trip to Bayan Ulgii in the summer of 2011 and was interested visiting the legendary Tavan Bogd Glacier.  I was introduced to Sabit and he agreed to take me and my friends for a very reasonable price. Sabit is the kind of tour guide you dream of.  He was very kind, well experienced and his English is stellar.  He took care of all necessary equipment, obtained all the permits and helped navigate us quickly and hassle free through the various guard checks.  My trip to the glacier was one of the best experiences of my life, due in large part to my new friend Sabit."

- Brian Yunt, Arizona

“Over five times I have had the pleasure of staying with Sabit and his family. Sabit’s honesty and dependability make him an exceptional friend. Throughout our friendship, he has demonstrated his accommodating nature and expertise. He never fails to surprise me with his strong hold on comical English idioms, and always shows me a good time. With Sabit, you will have a fun, individualized, and traditional Bayan Olgii experience with a trustworthy and reliable guide!”

- Suzanne Cunningham, Indiana 

"Sabit is a fantastic tour guide, has a great sense of humor and knows Mongolia like the back of his hand. He's fluent in multiple languages and has an unparallelled understanding of what westerners want. Sabit takes great pride in customer service and is an honest and genuine individual. Do not travel in Mongolia without Sabit!"

- Cameron Asam, Michigan

"Traveling to Bayan-Olgii is quite expensive. After searching around for an affordable tour guide I found Sabit. Not only were Sabit's services very reasonable but he is also a very delightful man. Some nights we would stay up late swapping stories.  I learned a lot about the Mongolian culture from Sabit. I wouldn't have had such a memorable experience had it not been for him. I highly recommend him."

- Daniel Morris, Missouri 

"Travelling around in Bayan-Olgii has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences. I will never forget the Eagle hunters and the magnificent nature and landscapes. Thanks to Sabit, who introduced us to local families and always put our wishes on top of the list, the trip became special and one of a kind. His highly professional guiding skills, his kindness and care for his guests go beyond any other tour guide I have travelled with. With Sabit we all felt safe and in very good hands!"

Louise Boo Jespersen, Denmark

"Traveling with Sabit out to Tavin Bogd was an amazing experience! We got a first class driver, a tour guide, and also a friend! Sabit was quick to help with all the work camping and to fill us in on any history of the surrounding area! I would ask Sabit to take me anywhere and i know it would be an enjoyable trip."

Laura Godfrey, Florida

"Sabit was a wonderful tour-guide. Reliable and honest, he was very intuitive about our interests, making the trip completely stress-free and truly enjoyable."

- Sarah Bassett, Michigan

"Sabit was a great tour guide and real easy going. I highly recommend using his services while travelling in western Mongolia."

- Danny Wolf, Nevada

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